Founded in 1948, our weaving department has been increasing its level of recognition in the domestic and foreign markets in the field of drapery and bedspread fabric production with the business knowledge and experience it has gained so far.

Customer satisfaction has always been one of our most important company policies in the production we have made in line with the demands of our customers.

With a competent and experienced team in the production process of the fabrics, it produces not only on the basis of pattern and content, but also in an environmentally and human health sensitive manner.

Our department, which exports 90% of its production, cooperates with prestigious home textile brands in various countries of the world.

Using natural or artificial fibers, jacquard and dobby looms are used to produce drapery and sheer curtains, tablecloths, bedspreads and outdoor fabrics. It offers IFR, Recycle, Blackout qualities for hotel projects and production cooperation with brands.Home from its home textile fabrics, it has also started weaving activities for clothing.

In this direction, the feedback from our domestic and foreign customers is carefully analyzed by our production and marketing teams and the products are developed with the necessary investments and innovations. Our facility, which attaches great importance to environmentally friendly production as in every department, has quality and standard certificates certifying sustainable and environmentally friendly production. With an awareness of sustainability, it meets the electricity consumed in all production activities within its organization from renewable wind power plants in which it has invested.

Always aiming for quality production and high customer satisfaction, our company meets the needs of today while also considering the needs of future generations. With this awareness, it prefers sustainable production methods and technologies. It continues its investments in this direction with the strength and support of our customers.