Fabric Dye

Following the Yarn Dyeing facility, Çahan Tekstil decided to establish a Fabric Dyeing facility in 2003. Our company has been increasing its production quality and capacity day by day by offering quality production with new developing technology and machinery investments in its production process of nearly 20 years.

With its quality workforce and working discipline, it strives to provide customer satisfaction in the best way possible.

In our facility, which has fabric dyeing and finishing potential from 100g/m2 to 1.5kg/m2, a daily dyeing capacity of 30 tons has been reached. It provides contract services for all kinds of fabric qualities, the main qualities being woven and knitted velvet.

Our facility, which attaches great importance to environmentally friendly production as in every department, has quality and standard certificates certifying sustainable and environmentally friendly production. With an awareness of sustainability, it meets the electricity consumed in all production activities within its organization from renewable wind power plants in which it has invested.

Always aiming for quality production and high customer satisfaction, our company meets the needs of today while also considering the needs of future generations. With this awareness, it prefers sustainable production methods and technologies. It continues its investments in this direction with the strength and support of our customers.